Common Septic Tank Problems


Septic tanks are generally pretty reliable pieces of equipment – which is a good thing, because those that use them need to rely on them doing their job day-in and day-out. Add to that the nature of the contents, and the fact that because they’re buried underground access isn’t always easy, and you can see that…

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Signs Your Septic Tank Needs Pumping


Most septic tanks need regular pumping, and this should normally be every one to four or five years, depending on the size of the tank and the number of people at the property in question. While you may think you know how long your tank can safely operate before it needs pumping under normal circumstances,…

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How to Unblock A Drain


It really doesn’t matter how careful you are about what goes down them, it’s inevitable that at some point your drains are going to get blocked. And of course it’s going to be when it’s most inconvenient, when you really don’t have the time to sort it out. Unfortunately, you are going to have to…

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What Is a Cesspit & How Does It Work


Most houses today empty sewage and wastewater straight into the sewers. From there it is transported underground to a treatment plant, where it is usually either recycled into fertiliser, used to generate energy or disposed of safely into our rivers.  However, there are some old and isolated properties that don’t feed into the main sewers,…

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What is a Septic Tank and How Does It Work?


Not every home as a septic tank, but they provide a crucial service for the ones that do – these tanks ensure waste is still dealt with properly. In this article, the AA Turner Tankers team will detail what a septic tank is and how it works.   What is a Septic Tank? A septic…

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The team here at AA Turner Tankers would like to welcome you to our brand new blog page. This will feature regular posts updating readers on the latest news and advice from our company, as well as the wider industry.  Check back here regularly to have a read through the latest posts we’ve been sharing…

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